“Open Heart” Ministry

Family Counseling Seminars were held in Russia, Germany and USA this spring of 2015.
I hurry to share the joy of my renewed hope. Before my wife and I attended the first family counseling seminar, we thought our family and inner life would always be in darkness. We began to realize that we do not understand each other, that we do not have joy in being together and that we are not emotionally connected. We felt like clouds of sadness and hopelessness that came out of nowhere, hung over our lives for some time now.  What do we do? Where do we run to find help? After all, we know God, but our relationship felt so empty and dead. What do we do in this situation? All of these questions would be still haunting us today if it were not for the Open Heart Seminar and sacrificial service of our brother in Christ, Willi Dick to the people who want to be freed from that darkness that weakens relationships.READ MORE

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