Fellowship of the Churches

Once a year, the union of Omsk churches invite everyone who want to fellowship together and celebrate the coming of Christ.

This year’s congress was themed, “The Revival”. Brothers and sisters from Omsk, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Kurganetsk and Yekaterinburg areas met to have fellowship with one another in the Holy Spirit. More than 1500 people attended the congress. The leading speakers were Sergey Sipko, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christian Baptists, President of New Fields Ministries, Willi Dick, and Bishop of Omsk Union, Joseph Makarenko. Wilhelm Daiker from Germany also attended for the first time, and preached on discipleship.

We saw the fruits of the Word already on the first day. On day two, we attended bible seminars where the speakers explained how to apply the Word practically in our daily lives. Third day was spent in studying the “Great Samaritan” proverb and partaking in communion. God taught us to practically love and reach out to the needs of others. Many people came to Christ for the first time in prayer. Here are some testimonies from the congress.

  • “This congress was about renewal of our minds, revival of our souls, strengthening our hearts, and being filled with the Holy Spirit. It was like the temper of grace that strengthens for the remainder of the year”. (Yevgeniy Borisov)
  • “This was my first time attending an event where my soul was celebrating”. (Roman A. Kuzmichev)
  • “Congress is like the coupling rod of fraternity”. (Sergey Lapin)
  • “Once again God has filled my heart with blessings. He reminded me to, “Love those who are in need; that is one of My commandments.” (Zhanna Azarenko)
  • “This coming together, single-mindness and unity of so many children of God under one roof is the power and glory of the Lord. I Saw Jesus in all of this”. (Denis Markishev).
  • “God continues to touch my heart through His word and through the visible love of my brothers and sisters. He reminded me to “lay my life down for others”. (Irina Kulpin)
  • “Congress was a unity of Gods people at His throne. I am thankful to Him for reviving us every moment of our lives.”(Sergey Zaretskiy).

For three days, we enjoyed a warm atmosphere of love. We thank God for hearing our prayers about this event, for those who came to Him and for those who were renewed in love and service to others.

Ministry in Omsk – Aleksandr Kulpin

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