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20 Years Anniversary

10 August, 2017 Russia, Causes, Children's Ark, Russia
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“And remember all the way that the Lord led you, your God …” Deuteronomy 8:2

Every year by the end of May, the Children’s Ark celebrates its birthday. But this year is special, it’s the 20th anniversary. God has faithful led us forward, directing us to help orphans, protecting and leading out of the most difficult situations.

A lot of guests from different countries gathered to celebrate our Anniversary. Through their help, we now have a large, well-equipped house, divided in families, that take care of children who don’t have parents or a home. In these families, the Lord is the head of the household.

Of course, many graduates were especially happy, some of whom came with their families and children. Not all of them attend church but we believe that God continues His work in their hearts.

On the first day, we had representatives of our city, district administration and other important guests speaking.

On the second day, we had the warmest meeting yet, when we gathered in a circle, employees and children, graduates and volunteers from different countries, those who stood a firm base for the children’s arc and still believe in it. Together we watched a slideshow of photos and videos from twenty years ago until now. Memories were shared in the hall by those who attended with moments of sadness but also moments of joy. Most importantly we admired how God was with us on every step in this ministry.

We completed our anniversary with a common prayer and worship together, a-20-year old journey and we prayed for blessings in the future that is in front of the children’s Arc. Thank you everybody who is supporting us through prayers, physical work and finances. This holiday is yours too!

Ministry in St. Petersburg – Lyudmila Vasilchenko


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