After the Surgery in St Petersburg

11 August, 2017 Russia, Causes, Omsk, Russia
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… the punishment of our peace was upon him, and with his stripes we were healed! Isaiah 53: 5

Dear friends, we want to share an update and greetings from Vladimir (Vova) and is mother Svetlana. They currently are in St Petersburg in a hospital that specializes in organ transplants. He successfully received a surgery to transplant the bone marrow. Through the power of your prayers and financial support this boy is now one step closer to his dream of being an ordinary healthy child.

Vladimir will now need to wait to for 6-month period to see if the bone marrow will adapt to his body or not. After the transplant his blood type changed, sometimes even the eyecolor changes. He is constantly under a dropper and gets four drugs three times a day and also takes pills. In early May I visited them in the hospital and helped to equip an apartment that we rented in St Petersburg. We found a man from a local church who will visit Vova and wants to befriend him, his name is Denis. Vova and his mother need to stay in St Petersburg for observation by the hospital in those 6 months. They need financial help with the apartment, special food and some medicine that needs to be purchased seperatly.

Svetlana is sure that the Lord brought them to this point in live and they are very grateful to Him. We would be very happy with any help that you can provide to save this boy.

Ministry in Omsk – Sasha Melnikov


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