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Agnes needs surgery

28 March, 2017 Africa, Kenya, Africa, Agnes Surgery, Causes, Kenya Projects
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He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD, and he will repay him for his goodness – Ex 19: 17

Enkorika is a small village 60 miles away from the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. A narrow path, up the hill, leads to a small two-room hut.  Here live Agnes (26) with her Husband Ndonio and their four children. He is the pastor of the local church, which has around 80 members and all of them are from the Masaai tribe. Agnes is a cheerful, young mother who loves to sing and glorify God.




About three years ago, Agnes discovered that the right side of her lower jaw was swollen. It was a tumor that was slowly growing and began to press on the teeth and eating became difficult. She was diagnosed with ameloblastoma after turned to doctors for help and received an MRI scan in the fall of 2016. The tumor is now as large as 6 cubic inch and continues to grow. Although the tumor is benign, but as the development of ameloblastoma proceeds an asymmetry of the face occurs, gradual deformation of the jaw, loosening and displacing teeth and making it difficult to both eat and talk. The essentials functions of life are becoming almost impossible. Since the tumor has the destroyed bone tissue she will need several surgeries to remove the right side of the lower jaw and receive and an artificial replacement.



The first surgery costs around $4000. After a long healing process, several surgeries are required afterwards. The church in Enkorik asked us to help this family and raise the necessary funds for her surgeries. Please bless this family in the name of our God.


President of New Fields Ministries
Willi Dick




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