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Avoda School in Thailand

30 November, 2015 Thailand, Avoda, Causes, Thailand
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We have been receiving great blessings and joy from working with the teachers and students of Thailand.

Last month the Lord allowed us to host two seminars for the teachers of the English language. This was a great opportunity for us to strengthen our relationships that we formed within the last two months with these teachers. He had an opportunity to tell them about Jesus Christ and the Gospel. Two of them were really open and asked many questions. God spoke through us and gave the necessary words in the Thai language so that we were able to proclaim the truth to them. One of the teachers said he will share the gospel with his family and his students. Earlier he said to us, “you are so kind for sharing the Gospel with us.” This brought us a lot of joy. Sharing the testimony of Christ brought us strength to do good and to overcome evil.

On the last day, we gathered the village children and taught them a bit as well. Two of the students invited us to their homes. For the first time we saw where our students live. One of the girls’ mother worked out in the fields and as we introduced ourselves, she told us about the difficult work she has to endure at the big plantations. Because of the absence of rain, the harvest was poor. She could only offer us a melon, after which we went on to meet our other students’ families. The next family lived far away in the jungle. Her father offered us coconuts, that he picked right off the tree. The director of the Avoda school offered that the girls stay a night at the school, and after a while of begging, their parents allowed the girls to go back to the school and stay the night. One of the girls said with joy that she prayed to our Jesus and her parents let her go. The fact that their parents welcomed us and allowed us to take their girls with us for the night, spoke of them trusting us. We praise God for that.

After having dinner in one of the homes and practicing our language skills, we headed back to the school, where we again had more opportunity to keep talking about Christ with the students.

We are currently heading back to the states so that we may get the necessary education. Natasha is currently working in the States and will soon be returning to Avoda. Anita just recently was able to receive her passport and is praying about going back to Thailand. Please pray for us so that we may know what is the good will of God for us. We are grateful to have you as team members and for your prayers.

Ministry in Thailand, – Kristina Salfetnikov


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