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Bethesda heals people

13 March, 2017 Russia, Rehab "The Way Home", Russia
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“I am poor and needy, but the Lord takes care of me. You – my help and my deliverer “(Ps.39: 18)

Greetings to you brothers and sisters. I thank you sincerely for your prayers and care. Our last prayer request for gas heating, plastic windows, wood for the floor and sewer parts and was heard on time and we had a warm winter. Thank God. The winter reached -31 Fahrenheit but in our mercy home “Bethesda” we were quite comfortable.

We pray daily and read the Scripture and the see how God acts. A brother was baptized recently and this is a holiday for us. His name is Alex, he is 32 years old and was born in Tobolsk. When he registered at the citizenship bureau the police came and arrested him because he was a wanted man. Alex told us that his sister was looking for him; she wants to take the inheritance away from him. They share ownership of a house that their parents left them after they died and she is trying to sell the house but needs Alex’s signature. He is unwilling to sell because he lived there since childhood. After her pressuring him into signing again he ran away from home and lived on the streets. He started to steal to survive and went to jail for it. After serving his time in prison he still didn’t want to go back home.

Six years past since he left home and has no good memories. The place where he lives now (Bethesda) is more comfortable than the one where his sister lives and where she can’t bother him. At the police station he explained that he is not planning on returning home.

Last spring I was walking near the shopping center and was happy to meet my friend Sergei there. He told me that he was looking for me and needed help because he has no place to stay. He is used to live on the streets but now he is tired and very exhausted. He is 59 years old and graduated back in the USSR at a Medical University and worked as a dentist. With a good education, Him and His wife moved far north to Nefteyugansk. She gave birth to a son and they lived happy ever after until his wife started to chase money and cheated on him and he became an alcoholic. He left the family and moved to Omsk and found himself on the streets because he had nothing. This took 10 years of his life, he came to me because he knows the ministry I’m serving in. Now he is working on a farm as a janitor and we are preparing the documents for his retirement. We currently have 20 people with a story like this that we take care of.


Sergey lost both of his legs

Sergei’s brother lost both of his legs, right below the knee, because when he was living on the streets they froze and had to be amputated and we are grateful that he has prostheses now. He came to our church and we helped him with his disabilities and he began to receive a pension. He had a good life but thought now he doesn’t need help anymore and left our shelter. From there everything became worse, strangers started to waste his pension and became more and more sick. One day, when he was so broken, he called us again and we came and picked him up from the streets again. Today he rejoices and praises God and is preparing for his baptism. Please pray that he would be able to walk on his prostheses into the water.2017-03-13_0012


We managed to replace the water boiler and windows before I became too cold

The work that we do here unites us as brothers and sisters from the brotherhood of Omsk. It is a joy to offer social assistance to those people that the Lord has saved with his love. We have enough work so please pray for us that we would grow so we could take in more people and faithful helpers that we could teach and make leaders. Thank you very much for your kind hearts and support. Together we will work for God.

Ministry in Omsk – Alexander Kulpin


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