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Children’s Ark in Minusinks

31 December, 2015 Russia, Causes, Children's Ark, Russia
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Thanks to your prayers and the help of many churches, Children’s Ark has finally opened. On January 6th, Children’s Ark in Minusinsk opened it’s doors. Members of different churches came to the event to join us in our joy. Thanks to many volunteers and friends of the Children’s’ Ark, opening this place became a reality. We are all witnesses to Gods many blessings, in the construction of this project as well as in finding families who were willing to take in the orphaned children. We are thankful to those who supported us in prayer and financially. A special thanks to the local brothers and sisters who willingly housed any construction teams that came to help from different countries, and to the older ladies who made food to feed the workers.

For the opening of the Ark, God has prepared a family who will move in to one of the apartments. Genie (30) and Aleksey (36) are happy to have this opportunity to serve God and help the children. Genie is an artist and came to help decorate the Ark. She was very pleased at our offer as she always dreamed of working with orphaned children. She has two children of her own that she was raising as a single mother, Alex (14) and Maksim (6). She met Aleksey in Minusinsk. He came to help as a welder from Krasnoyarsk. He lived without God for many years and had overcome many hardships. After sometime in a drug and alcohol rehab, he accepted Christ and firsthand experienced freedom from his addictions. Later on he met his future wife, Genie here in Minusinsk.

Together they are raising three children. Yaroslav, who is 7 years old, is their first adopted child. This young family is waiting for authorization to adopt a 4th child, a little girl. To the question “how many orphans are you willing to take in?” they answer, “our hearts are open to whatever God has planned for us. We are willing to take in up to 20 children.” Praise God for this openness to serve Him. We will continue to build housing for these types of families. We thank everyone who continues to support us financially and prayerfully.

Children’s Ark Ministry – Andrey Rempel


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