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Children’s Ark in St. Petersburg

27 June, 2016 Russia, Causes, Children's Ark, Russia
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In September of 2014 our church in St. Petersburg began working with the Children’s Ark orphanage; we wanted to participate in this ministry of helping children. I began by organizing volleyball games with the teenagers. At the end of October of 2015 we held our first tournament. My wife and I began having thoughts about taking in a family of orphaned children several years ago. My wife began helping the orphanage as a volunteer at first. In September of 2015 she began tutoring a younger group of boys. A while later we made the decision to participate in the family project and took in 4 teenagers, to bring them up in Christ centered discipline. The Word of God says in Isaiah 1:17, “Learn to do well; relieve the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow”.


We decided to take this step, wanting to give these children the love they deserved and the care that they needed. We wanted to raise them in an atmosphere where they can be guided in their spiritual, and moral lives and where they can be physically healthy and build strong personalities and character. We also wanted to teach them skills they would need for independent living when they grow up. We knew that we could do all of that by showing them an example of Godly living and by studying the Word of God with them. We believe that they will learn how to care for each other and love one another and their friends. We believe that what we sow into them and the good example that we show will bare much fruit in the future. We really want to show God’s love to these children. We hope that each of these children will know that they have a loving and merciful, Heavenly Father!

Children’s Ark, St. Petersburg, Russia. – Dennis & Anastasia



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