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Children’s camp in Mongolia

01 November, 2017 Mongolia, Causes, Mongolia
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Tsahir, is located in the central region of Mongolia, 466 miles away from the capital Ulaanbaatar. We are very tired but we have already 30 children, at lunch, there are 40. It was cold at night and we became a little bit sick. The 6-day trip to the location was not easy. We had the idea to hold the Sunday Service at the clubhouse and invite the parents of the children to join us.

On the second day in the evening, I managed to fresh up with a shower. The shower was purely Mongolian, hot water was labeled blue and cold water was labeled red. The light switch hangs just on the wire down the wall. Doors don’t lock, you need to watch so nobody would come in. The nights are cold here and need to be heated with the stove with firewood. The yurt can be quickly warmed up but it also cools down very fast, because of bad insulation.

85% of our team members were sick with colds, sore throat, high blood pressure and upset stomachs. We barely crawled back in our yurt at night, and barely get out in the morning but during the day we feel good and almost healthy. Praise God for His protection and blessings. The third day was special for us. Besides the camp itself, we met with the head of the local administration of the region. In the beginning, he was very cautious. We were asked, who we are, from where we came, why are we here, who finances he camp, what are we doing here and what do we teach. As an answer, I told him the Gospel, about the Holy God, sinful nature of man, the sacrifice of Christ, about repentance and faith. Carefully he wrote everything down. We gave him the New Testament and afterward, I asked to pray for him. The prayer seemingly touched him. We ended our meeting in peace and without any tensions. The Lord is alive.

The fourth camp day started in the middle of the night. Pasha already a food poisoning and Natasha started to vomit a few times. It was so serious that she lost her consciousness twice. What could we do in a different country and in the middle of the night? We could only pray. In the morning, our local brother brought a doctor. She examined the sick and without questions about residence, statuses, and permits she gave diagnose and prescribed us medicine. Thank God that the treatment helped and we didn’t have to leave early. First Natasha’s condition improved and then Pashas as well. We were able to finish the camp as planned.

On Sunday we conducted a Service in the clubhouse. All of us participated in it, the children from the camp, Mongols who helped out in the camp and us, who came from Russia. Children and seven adults came to the service. This is not many as expected but we thank God for everybody who came.

On the way from Tsakhir to Ulaanbaatar, we first got into a sandstorm and then it started to rain heavily afterward so that along the street 9 feet wide water streams forming. God protected us and brought us safely to Ulaanbaatar and then Omsk.

Thank you to everybody who prayed and participated financially in Mongolia.

Ministry in Mongolia – Andrey Zalesny


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