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Childrens Room

20 October, 2015 Russia, Causes, Omsk, Russia
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“Timothy” is a children’s room for preschool children, located in the Central Church of Omsk, Russia. This church is very “average”. When it was built, some 100 years ago, the people didn’t have an opportunity to build a day care center for the little children. Often when a mother gave birth to a child, they were automatically torn from being present in the church due to their children being noisy and requiring much attention during service.

Another reason why this room was built is due to a huge shortage of childcares and preschools. Due to this shortage, a lot of people, believers and non-believers are faced with hardships. Of course it is better that children grow up and are raised in their own families, at home, but isn’t it wonderful when a busy mom can bring her child, 3 years of age, leave them in a safe environment and go about her business? Our church understood that this is a great opportunity for:

  • meeting and ministering to non believers
  • positively influencing children through activities
  • and serving the needy in their hardships.

With your help and contributions, we fixed up a room in one of our churches and bought furniture and other necessities for a children’s room. Both, children and parents could not hide their joy. After spending a couple of hours in our children’s room, kids don’t want to leave. The parents too, they feel very comfortable in our atmosphere. While the children play, the parents talk to each other, meet new friends, ask a lot of questions and share their experiences on raising a child. We believe that this room will continue to bring a lot more children and parents to us.

Ministry in Omsk – Anatoliy Nikonov


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