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Christmas in Belarus

31 January, 2017 Belarus, Belarus
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“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” Luke 2:14

We had very blessed Christmas activities for the children and youth of our church. We talked with the children about the fact that the reason why Christmas is celebrated worldwide has often has nothing to do with Christ and this is not how God intended it. He wants to save people and put his wrath on his son instead.


The good news is that the hearts of our youth and children were drawn to a personal relationship with our living God. The theme of our Youth Service was: “The birth and resurrection of Christ testifies Him being God”. That’s why we want to follow Him truthfully.

God has mercy on us and gives joy to serve Him. The church is small and we learn to work as a team. The weather was good, we are healthy and He gave us work according to our strength. Rejoice with us, today is a great day to praise Him. Children and youth understood that only Jesus can save them from the wrath of God when we told them about the love of Christ. It was so cold outside that we had trouble starting our cars in order for us to take the children to church. We have only one heated room there and all activities are held there. We sang, listened to the sermon, had a lunch together, did crafts and drew together. Thank God for such a holiday.


The church service and all activates lasted for 6 hours and God opened the hearts of our young visitors. Even though many of our youth are not church members yet they still attend the weekly service. Praise the Lord for our youth, we can see their transformation and eagerness to know God.

We organized a second Christmas Service for all other children who were not able to attend the first service. Students from secondary schools came and we were pleased to see the influence of the Word of God that was spread with your help. Thank you for all your support.

Ministy in Belarus – Herman and Irina Tarbetskie


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