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Crushed by Sin in Bethesda

08 August, 2017 Russia, Omsk, Russia
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“… do you want to be healed?” The sick man answered Him: Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, ” 5: 6-7.Today in the house of mercy “Bethesda”, there are 23 people, 2 of them are disabled, who do not have legs.

Here are their stories:

Vladimir Pavlovich is 62 years old, was born in 1955 in Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine. In 1973 he served in the army in Crimea and stayed there, got married and had children after he his army duty. He moved to Kalachinks in 1994. In 2013 he and his friend got in an accident and he suffered from gangrene which caused him to loose both legs. While he was in the hospital his wife left him and without letting him know where she went. Vladimir began to drink. He somehow lived in Kalachinsk and was picked up by a friend who brought him to “Bethseda”. He still doesn’t understand the bible but is interested in reading Christian books.

Sergey Gryaznov was born in 1974 in Omsk. He attended eight grades in school and worked for his Grandfather in a fish protection agency. After his mother died his life seemed to stop. He sent his wife to her mother, started drinking and sold his father’s house, car and belonging to finance his drinking and lived on the streets. In 2010 during the winter, he went fishing and was drinking with friends and fell asleep outside. The cold temperature froze his legs to a point that they could not be saved and they had to be amputated. He was now living on the streets without any legs. Three years ago, he was invited into a house of prayer and he came even though he felt embarrassed.

He was accepted and they washed, dressed and gave him shelter. Today, legless but having Jesus in his heart he rejoices in salvation. Sergey received prostheses and this summer will be baptized and become a member of this church in Kovaleva where “Bethesda” is located. Thank you for your participation in this ministry and the glory of God.

Ministry in Omsk – Alexander Kulpin


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