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Evangelism in Western Europe

01 September, 2015 Europe, Causes, Europe
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Russian speaking immigrants from Russia, Ukraine and Moldova are open to hearing the Word.

This summer was a hot one! We spent a week hosting an Evangelism in Vienna, Austria. A small Russian-speaking community formed here two years ago. A group from Chernovsy, Ukraine came to help. Nine young women and men evangelized on the streets of Vienna. We had very interesting encounters with Russian speaking immigrants by the fountain in one of the parks. I did not know that compatriots gather here. The fountain we gathered by had the words “In honor of the victory over fascism”, written on it, in the Russian language. We used this opportunity to tell people about Christ.

We also traveled to Switzerland to help our brother I. Griscyk, to open a new church in Zurich. Many Russian speaking immigrants need God here, please pray for the opening of this church. Ilia Danilyuk and his family visited us in Prague. Together we evangelized in a café where foreigners gather. Ilia noticed that the contingent of Russian-speakers in the Czech Republic is very different from immigrants that live in Italy. Thank you for your prayers and support. We know that only God knows to whom it is most important to bring the Gospel.

Ministry in Europe – Ghennadi Gavrilov


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