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Family Ministry in Omsk

10 October, 2017 Russia, Omsk, Russia
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Russia has a 75% divorce rate. And every second family is incomplete. Where families collapse the country will collapse. It has been about a year since we started the counseling ministry with the goal to influence the society in our city. We help both believers and unbelievers to prepare for marriage, solve family problems and educate how to raise obedient children.

In one year, we were able to legally register, make a major overhaul of the room and start to work with families. Many couples have been here since. Eight people thought they were in hopeless situations and sought help here. This is the first experience of a church involvement in the life of society. Most of these people are now members of the church. I think and believe this is a real opportunity for opening new churches.

Another area of our ministry is to visit children in hospitals who suffer from cancer. We want to help parents to cope with this hard situation. We create friendships and offer spiritual support for the children as well as parents. Only God can help these children, and our task is to show Him in through our life’s.

Currently, we take care of several children in the hospital including Vova, who was undergoing a bone marrow transplantation in St Petersburg. A lot of you had supported him financially. Unfortunately, he is deceased now. I want to express my gratitude and ask for help in any form so that I will be able to continue to do this ministry and develop it for the glory of God.

Ministry in Omsk – Aleksander Melnikov


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