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God is Answering Prayers

13 March, 2017 Thailand, Anita & San, Thailand
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“I tell you, you – Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it …” Matthew 16:18.

Last month God sent us young people from Germany and together we were able to teach English and share the Gospel in three different schools. “I never thought that I could teach children the English language, but I realized that God wants to use the abilities that I have.” Four children and two teens started to attend our Bible study. Many of them are from Buddhist families and see for the first time how God answers prayers. One of those girls said with a big smile: “I won the first place in the competition because I prayed and asked Jesus to help me and He did.” These kinds of prayers are rare in our churches but they are prayed with great gratitude from children who never knew God before.


“Teacher, tell us how to bring the truth of the Bible to those children!” two teens told us. For us, there is no greater joy than to see how God gives the desire to church members to participate in the ministry. Three of them come every Saturday to a meeting where we prepare for Sunday School. God is very good. I cannot imagine how it would be possible for me to reach as many children with my broken Thai language without the help of the children.


God gave us a great time during the New Year’s celebration in our church. More than 60 people came to this event. Each of them listened very carefully to the stories of the Gospel. Many brought relatives and friends that were visiting them because of New Year. It is a small spark in dark world where people have historically sacrificed to the spirits, rather than to the one true God of the bible.

About three years ago, when a brother in Christ passed away, half of his family are believers. They refused to perform the traditional ceremonies advocated by those dedicated to the spirits. After that they had a great disagreement in the family and tribe. Through prayers of the church the situation improved and the parents let their children listened our teachings. But Satan did not stop here. The local shaman keeps claiming that he talked to the spirit of the deceased brother and that he is very sad because nobody is feeding him and he lives in a very bad place. They think, because Christians don’t take care of the spirits of dead relatives and that’s why those sprits go and seek help from other people.

Please pray that the truth of God’s Word will touch the hearts of this tribe. Pray especially for our children who are forced by their parents to participate in a variety of pagan traditions. Pray that God would show His power and that the faith of young Christians would grow. Please pray for us, to have wisdom to share the truth because only this can change hearts.

May God bless each of you

Ministry in Thailand – San & Anita


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