Intervention of God

11 August, 2017 Russia, Omsk, Russia
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Zahar is four years old today. We visited many doctors but could not find a cardiologist that would see him on constant base because of his specific rare sickness. Children with similar pathologies rarely survive and often they don’t have enough time to get the correct diagnosis. Previously similar surgeries required an immediate implant of a pacemaker.

Since medicine has advanced we were given hope that his young body could be able to pull through and go back to its rhythm but with every year we see it slightly worsen. During this time, we repeatedly went to the consultations in Novosibirsk and even in Tomsk, against our fears we were told it doesn’t look too bad and we can delay the pacemaker implant.

In the beginning of March of this year, we went to visit a cardiologist again in Novosibirsk. We were disappointed to hear that the time has come now for the implant and that we can’t delay it any longer. Our son’s heart beating has slowed down over the past year and there is a high risk that it would fail at any night now. We were assigned to a surgery in April and everything went well, the surgery was for free, but his mother who stayed with him all this time had to pay to be there. Her stay cost about 30000 ($500) rubles which included food and lodging. We are not able to handle this financial situation on our own that’s why we are asking for help. May peace and grace be in your life.

Word of Truth – Yevgeniy Kubrin


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