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Intervention of God

10 August, 2017 Russia, Russia, Word of Truth Church
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Our long-awaited baby was born on his due date. The birth was smooth and didn’t cause any problems. We knew that the birth of Zahar is Gods blessings, we now have 4 children. Each child is a tremendous event, a reminder of Gods guidance and mercy.

On the third day Zahar was diagnosed with a “Congenital heart disease and incompatible to live.” The doctors conducted an emergency surgery which prolonged his life for a while but Zahar needed a cardinal intervention, which local doctors did not undertake. They sent us to Novosibirsk, and said that he probably won’t survive the 10-hour trip in the ambulance and it wont be possible to fly him in on a helicopter. But the Lord had his own plans, from the very moment we found out about his condition we began to pray and asked friends to pray as well. Many Churches, both in Omsk and outside our city, responded to this call to pray. As a result, a helicopter was able to be assigned to safely deliver him to the Novosibirsk Scientific Research Institute for the necessary surgery.

After very long 6h of surgery we had 3 more days to wait. I those critical days we fasted and asked God for mercy and prepared ourselves to any outcome God would let happen. Thank God, he survived besides that have been said. He is now receiving disability benefits and we are told there is no real solution to his condition.

Thanks to all who prayed for our family!

“Word of Truth” – Evgeny Kubrin


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