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Maasai – The church has been opened

28 March, 2017 Africa, Kenya, Africa, Causes, Evangelism & Church Planting - Kenya, Kenya Projects
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And the people rejoiced over their zeal, for they sacrificed with the whole heart unto the Lord – 1 Chron. 29: 9

Last December we wrote about the team of builders who came from the US to build a missionary center and a Maasai church. The construction is located in the center of Oltinga, where about 600 people live.


Peter Olonapa – responsible for ministering in the tribe, repeatedly told us that they badly needed a building for the pastors and leaders of Maasai. The building was built to carry out not only church services, but also regional conferences. It also will become a missionary center, where youth groups from different countries can come and hold camps for children and youth.

Due to the lack of biblical teaching, we are planning to hold weekly sessions for preachers, evangelists, and pastors from the Maasai Tribe. The building has a hall for up to 200 people, 2 offices and 2 rooms for missionaries with separate showers and toilets. We believe that this missionary center will serve as a blessing not only for local residents and pastors of local churches, but also for young people who will attend the Christian children’s camps in the Maasai tribe.


On February 11, 2017 our entire group came to the missionary centre to pray with our brothers and sisters from the Maasai tribe and to bless the opening of it. The interior work is all that is remaining and the building will be done. We would be glad if you could participate in this project for the glory of God.


President of New Fields Ministries
Willi Dick




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