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Mongolian Children and Evangelism

30 September, 2015 Mongolia, Causes, Mongolia
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We praise God for the opportunity to share the Gospel with the children of Mongolia.

August of 2015, with the blessings of our church and God, my family and I took a missionary trip to Ulan-Bator, Mongolia. Some time ago, my brethren from Omsk, Russia and I, saw a need to work with the Mongolian children. We decided to take a trip to Mongolia to host day camps. The distance from Omsk to Ulan- Bator was 3,600 Kilometers. It took us 5 days to get there. We slept anywhere between 2-5 hours, in the car. Our legs swelled up to the point where we couldn’t fit them into our shoes. But all of that was worth the blessings we received for our hardships. On the first day we had 38 children and by day two, we had 45 but we only counted on having 40. There were many Mongolians helping in the camps. This was really important to us because we not only wanted to host children’s camp but also teach the children useful skill trades. We had the children participate in crafts, board games, musical activities and athletic activities and sports. Besides that we had bible lessons and fun games.

Our bible lessons were built based on the “Book Without Words”. Children were amazed that just by looking at pictures you could learn so much about Jesus. Each day they were given a memory verse and by the end of the camp, each of them knew 5 bible verses. Many of the children prayed a prayer of repentance. God knows the hearts of these children even though we can’t see what’s inside of them. Breakfast and lunch were served to the children in the camps. We were glad to see the church take part in our day camps. Besides the everyday help we also received financial help from the church. Some of the necessary financial contributions for the camps the church took upon itself. It was amazing how my Russian-speaking children began communicating with the Mongolian kids pretty quickly. Language barrier didn’t seem to be a problem as the sat half the night playing board games together.

Based on the testimony of the pastor, it meant a lot to him to see how my whole family was involved in this ministry together. He said he wished his own family would be involved in ministry like mine was. It was hard to say our goodbyes but we have hope that next year we can come back and repeat our camp ministry. We hope to have more than one group come along so that more children can attend. Our ministry in Mongolia is widening. I have been there 3 times last year and am going again in September.  We are in need of a new computer so that we can replace our old one which is getting very hard to use. We need a reliable computer to prepare our sermons, presentations, programs and to be in constant contact with each other. May God bless those who are able to help in this area. Please continue to pray for our ministry in widening the Gospel in Mongolia. We appreciate any help you can provide for our ministry.

Ministry in Mongolia – Andrey Zalesniy


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