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Open doors of Thailand

01 September, 2015 Thailand, Avoda, Causes, Thailand
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Young men and women from California, Washington and Pennsylvania ministered to children of Thailand.

God said to Abraham, “I will bless nations in you”. This meant that the good news about Jesus Christ would reach all nations, including the Thai and Burmese people. This July, our team was once again able to host children’s camps in Thailand. Because of God’s grace, our team is growing and strengthening by bringing brothers and sisters together from California, Washington and Pennsylvania.

First camp was held in the province of Tak, on Avoda territory. Children came from five different Buddhist schools, totaling 100 students. Some teachers also stayed with their students throughout the duration of camp. Local school administrator was so open to us that he changed the schools’ examination dates and canceled classes so that the kids could remain in camp.

Our camp program had many fun activities such as games, sports and crafts but in all of the activities, our main goal was spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were excited to spend time with these kids and share with them what Jesus had done for us. Our last day at camp, during prayer, all 100 students and two teachers accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Praise God, for His mercy is never-ending. February of this year, in the local Avoda church, seven people were baptized. Three more were baptized this July. This was a great celebration for them and us.

Our second camp was held in Mesot, a bordering town to Burma. This town has more than 500,000 Burmese refuges that live in Thailand illegally. Because they do not have money or any form of identification, their children are often sold into slavery. We were very glad that we could share our love and pay a great deal of attention to the kids. This camp we were able to have 90 children attend. Most of them were from Muslim and Burmese families, but they eagerly listened to the Gospel about Jesus who is able to change the lives of anyone who comes to Him. Listening to their fervent prayers without tears was impossible, as they reached out to their Heavenly Father in heaven. Mesot has a local church now where believers gather to praise God.

Last year we held our first service in that church; many more people began attending as the year went on. Praise Jesus! After camp, we asked the children what they would like to learn more about next time they come to camp, and more than 90% of them said they would like to learn more about Jesus. After camp was over, one of our team members received a text from one of the kids in camp; it said, “I want to be a Christian.”

We thank Jesus for this great privilege of being His witnesses.

Ministry in Thailand – Nick Kvach


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