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Open Heart Ministries

13 March, 2017 Russia, Russia, Willi Dick Counseling Ministry
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Open Heart – “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Amos 3:3

Thank you for everybody who prayed for the ministry “Open Heart.” More and more people ask for help in need to solve their problems. Since talking therapies didn’t help them they are looking for real freedom in a personal relationship with Jesus.

We hosted the second conference of our family ministry “Open Heart” at the end of 2016. Couples who love the ministry came from all over Sibiria and these are the responses we received from them.

2017-03-13_0021We have a lot of problems, my wife and I, that required an urgent solution. After the seminar we began to practice the “Open Heart” principles. This ministry should be a priority in churches for couples and for young adults who are about to get married and we especially recommend this seminar to new believers. This would help them personally and the pastor would also benefit. There would be two specific results; they would repent of their sins and second, they would be open for future confessions and corrections. Thank you, my friends. May God bless you.”

Vasiliy and Victoria Bogomolov

2 copy“During my life I was often deceived and believed a lie about God and myself. Theses lies can appear in any area of my life. The “Open Heart” Seminar helped me to see the lies and replace it with the truth. My heart is rejoicing every time a lie is replaced. This became almost a routine for me. Joy will fill your heart when you open up for these principles and the healing of eternal grace will bloom.”

Vadim Shumilov



3“There are no hopeless situations. God has the power to fix and solve everything. We saw the principles of forgiveness in another way, this is great material, everybody should do it. Come and join the seminar “Open Heart” at our church.

Gordeev Yura and Olga


4 copy“God spoke to my heart that all my mistakes and sins are forgiven and I need to accept that. If I have a problem from my past it is most likely because I reject the truth of God. Just recently I realized how gracious and merciful our God is. He shows our imperfections and His forgiveness. Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced believer or an atheist, we all need to be accepted and loved. In our family this is a special need. If our church will teach this this and we will use those principles than we will be blessed.”

Gorshkolevy Alexy and Svetlana

1“In November my wife and I attended the “Open Heart” Seminar. We went through the personal counseling, based on these principles, 3 years ago and it radically transformed our relationship with God and each other. The seminar was important to us for two reasons. First, it was important to update what we already knew and see what we have missed. Second, the Lord sent other couples to us who asked for help and with this seminar we received the skills necessary to lead them.  Thank you for your service.”

Barsukov Pavel and Svetlana

Ministry in Krasnoyarsk – Denis Yasikov


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