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“Open Heart Ministry” in Moscow

01 December, 2015 Russia, Causes, Willi Dick Counseling Ministry
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The second intensive “Caring for the Heart” seminar was held in Moscow.

From October 12 to 14th, the second seminar was held in the second Baptist Church of Moscow. God takes care of our hearts so gently and wants us to care for the burdens and wounds of others. Pastors and their wives came from many surrounding churches to practically learn how to care for one another’s heart. Huge thanks to everyone who supports this ministry. I want to publish some feedback from the seminar for your encouragement.

“My wife was afraid to open her heart up to me for the last 15 years. She was left at an orphanage when she was little and was always surrounded by fear that she would be left alone again. In a defense mechanism against her fears, she would always tell me that she won’t be able to live if I was to ever leave her. I was always afraid to tell her about my temptations because I was afraid that she would be too traumatized by them. A few months before this seminar, God helped us open up to each other. After the seminar, she asked what “they were doing at the seminar with me?” Because I began to care for the heart of my wife, the atmosphere in our home changed. An open, trustworthy relationship can do miracles in your marriage. She was amazed that for the first time in our life together I began to actually care about her emotional needs and her feelings. I am extremely thankful to you and God for teaching me all of this”.
(Ilijah Alexander, Venev, Tulsk).

“The Lord spoke to us through His Holy Spirit and taught us to love one another and our children. We ourselves, grew up in an atmosphere where parent’s didn’t care much about each others’ hearts or the hearts of their children. Through this seminar we now see how important it is to care for one’s heart and how drastically it can change the rest of our lives. We made a commitment to take care of our children’s’ hearts in prayer before God”.
(Sergey and Tatyana Romanovich, Korbin.)

“The Lord helped me understand why I react in such a horrible and ill way towards my husband. I was left as a child by my father and in this seminar I was able to determine this constant fear that someday my husband will also leave me. My husband was freed from all of pain I have caused him with this fear and my reactions towards him and is now ready and able to care for my heart. My husband is now the initiator of our emotional intimacy. God reminded me that “love does not seek it’s own”, and through that He broke my habit of always feeling sorry for myself”.
(Irina Gorshkov)

“I am very thankful to God that He needs me and that I am very precious to Him. I believed a lie that no one cared about me and that no one needs me, which resulted in anger. I couldn’t give love and care for my spouse because I believed that no one loved me or cared for my heart. The Lord showed me the root of my problem, helped me fix it and then I was able to see the emotional needs of my wife, which I now want to take care of, thanks to God”.
(Igor Gorshkov)

“I was able to see that many in my family, are people with emotionally hurt hearts, just like I am. Because I know that now, it is easier for me to forgive them and to move past my own hurts and emotions. Now I see that because of certain hurts in my heart I took my anger out on my children. Through this seminar I was able to see clearly my sins and mistakes against my own family. I am ready to repent, to forgive and to ask for forgiveness. I am very thankful to God for this type of caring for the heart counseling”.
(Irina Vinogradareva).

“Through this seminar I learned to see my wives’ constant need for an emotional connection. I understand now that it is something I have to work on. And for that I know that I, myself, need to be very open with her and that is hard to do!”
(Zanin, A).

“I was able to finally speak with my oldest daughter and pray with her. This is only the beginning, but I hope God will give her wisdom to know that she is priceless, precious to me and that she is loved by me.”
(Paul M)

“I began to care for the heart of my husband; I stopped demanding from him and just began to give him love. Our relationship grew stronger and we got closer. By the end of this seminar I was able to see the hurts I still had left, the pain of my husband and other peoples’ pain as well. The Lord began to open up what I can pray about so that I myself can get healing and that I can help others heal the same way.”
(Hruschova Tatyana).

“During this seminar, the Lord opened up my pain regarding the unfaithfulness of my husband. I saw within me a hidden fear and pride. I understood that to get healed from this pain and restore my relationship with my husband I need to work through this issue with God. He has to heal my heart and help me love my husband. Only after I am myself healed, I can notice and take care of others’ needs.”
(Olga S).

I am thankful for everyone’s support and participation in this ministry.

Counseling Ministry – Willi Dick.


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