Pastor Pong has passed away

31 May, 2017 Thailand, Causes, Daniel Kirillov, Thailand
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Dear brothers and sisters,

As we have said in our personal newsletter, we want to inform you more about the Thai pastor who recently passed away unexpectedly and his family’s needs. We do apologize for taking longer than we originally stated. Pastor Pong had two daughters that are in college and a teenage son. Pong, who stepped up 5 years ago as an able man to teach and pastor a baby church that was abandoned by previous leadership, died in his sleep on the first week of May this year. Though not an educated man, he was a faithful steward and preacher of Christ (everyone I’ve met who testified to me about him before his passing said that) who took pains to shepherd the small flock in his oversight, often caring for their physical needs as well as spiritual. Besides this, he was an active evangelist to the mass of Buddhists and Muslims that are virtually 100% of the southern Thai population.

Even at his funeral, these groups outnumbered the Christians, honoring his testimony of selfless love! It’s also worth noting that he was at least partially self-financing during the entire time he was a pastor and for a good while entirely responsible to support his family. Below are pictures of him while alive and of his funeral. Though his widow and children are not totally abandoned to fend for their own, they are still in need of support.

They were poor even before Pong passed away (and that’s  according to Thai standards, not American), much more so now, and are in need of much prayer. If God has put it on your heart to help this family, you can donate to them via New Fields. Pray for them and the church in Kaolak, that God Himself would supply their every need. May God bless you!

In Christ – The Kirillov family


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