Refugee crisis in Bangladesh

12 December, 2017 Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Causes
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The greatest problem in our world today is the refugee crises. People are fleeing such countries as Syria,

Libya, Somali land, and many other war-torn countries.

As the chairman of the board of New Fields Ministries, I just returned from Bangladesh in which is located the largest refugee camp in the world of 650,000 people. The number is likely to grow to 1,000,000. These people are known as the Rohingya. Muslims who have fled Myanmar. Like many other refugees, they have been persecuted, to the extent of torture and death. Their homes were destroyed. They have no place to go.

In the meantime, they are desperately in need of help. We have decided to buy blankets for them. A blanket can be purchased for approximately 6$. The temperature in January and February will be down to freezing. I witnessed the distribution of blankets, which were eagerly and gratefully received. With a gift of 25$, we could purchase 4 blankets. Obviously, time is short, because winter is quickly approaching.

Thank you for your support –¬†Darius Salter.


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