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Refugees in Lebanon – Children

30 September, 2015 Lebanon, Worldwide, Causes, Lebanon, Sergey Kirnev
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God blesses the ministry of working with the Lebanese and Syrian refugee children abundantly.
On August 17, of 2015 children’s camp in Lebanon, for the Lebanese and Syrian refugees came to an end. Nearly 270 children were able to attend. The camp program was prepared and lead by 11 young men and women that arrived from Moldova. Although there were some difficulties with the language barrier, they were quickly able to communicate with the children in the language of love, which is understandable to all nations. Camp was divided into 4 parts so that more children can attend, each lasting 5-6 days. Our program consisted mainly of bible lessons, crafts, athletic games and other activities. Our camp was located in the Southern part of Lebanon, in the mountain region. The children loved the quiet, peaceful and kind atmosphere. Some parents came to visit, thanked us for hosting camps and asked us to keep coming back each year.

We are especially grateful to those who participated in making these camps possible, weather financially or by prayer. With Gods help, we plan to widen this ministry and host children’s camps in Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. We ask all to continue to pray for this ministry and especially the upcoming camps in the Middle East. We have two evangelisms planned in Iraq and Turkey.
The Lord has kept us safe this far, even though we do face hardships everyday. Especially when in Iraq, where innocent people die and blood is being shed everyday, please keep us in your prayers

Ministry in Lebanon – Sergei Kirnev


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