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School for Masaai Children

31 August, 2017 Africa, Africa, Kenya Projects, Schools & Youthcamps - Kenya
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Teach the young man at the beginning of his journey: he will not turn away from him when he grows old. –  Proverbs 22:6

Earlier this year, the Lord allowed us to start a new school in the Masaai tribe. Merci Morries, teaches elementary classes for tribal children who cannot go to another school. For most, public schools are too costly so they can’t afford it. It happens that teachers aren’t paid for months because the school has no money and the parents to don’t pay for the teacher either.

After we learned about the situation here we want to start several schools. For the younger grades, where children not only get educated but also get to know the Gospel. This is a great opportunity to testify to them.

Here is a brief story written by Mercy Morries. “At the end of 2016, the Lord put on our hearts to start a school. We currently have seven students but we believe that it soon will grow to thirty. On the church territory is enough space for all the changes. Unfortunately, we can’t feed the children during lunch so they are without food from 8am – 12pm. Water is also scarce, so the children can’t drink as much as they like. The church is helping out with the purchase of school material like pens, pencils, and paper.

As you can see in the picture, children don’t have a uniform because the parents can’t afford it. I used to work as a teacher in a secondary school and we didn’t get paid for months. My husband, who is the pastor of a local church, and I have 6 children. Three of my children also go to school. We don’t just teach them how to read and write but also manners and good behavior. I believe that with your help and God’s blessings we will be able to fulfill our dream of a Christian private school.


President of New Fields Ministries
Willi Dick




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