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The Gospel to immigrants in Europe

20 October, 2015 Europe, Causes, Europe
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We preach Christ because you can only find satisfaction in Him alone. I took my third trip to Europe with my son Aleksey. Nice, France is located 1300 Km from Prague. We left at 9 am and by evening time arrived in Nice. This is the city that my family and I have been praying for because the Lord keeps telling us that this is the place where we need to move for a couple years or so, and help open a new church. This trip was very important to me as I was hoping that God would open His will up to me more clear. It was August 11th, when we arrived in Nice. The next morning, I realized that my hearing has worsened. I was experiencing some hearing loss and this morning it got worse. I almost could not hear anything. We went out to the streets to speak to people but I could not hear them. I tried speaking to some refugees from Ukraine and Belarus, I smiled and nodded, but was able to only hear about 5% of their conversation. I began questioning God, “is this You telling me that I shouldn’t be here, or is this just a test?”

A day later my hearing began to return. We met up with a Russian family of doctors, Andrey and Yelena. Our fellowship was good but difficult due to my hearing troubles. My son spoke into my ear so that I may understand better. We received a call later that day to come spend some time in a Georgian family. We met two Irina’s, one from Ukraine and one from Georgia. We were surprised but happy that these orthodox ladies were so eager to learn and asked us many questions and were grateful to receive bibles as gifts. Later that evening one of the ladies’ husband Gregoriy came home from work and began asking a lot of questions about our churches. We had two more meetings with this family. On the last day they invited two Fathers from the orthodox church they go to, John and Marciel, and we spent a long time speaking to both of them.

It was interesting to know that the foreign church of France does not want to agree that they do not follow the Bible. The host of the house always tried to ask questions that would lead to a battle of answers between us and the Father. He asked things like “Father, did you know that the Protestant Fathers do not address anyone Holy when they pray?”, and the Father would tell him that he prays directly to God instead of having someone “holy” be the deliverer or his prayer to God. Before we left, we were introduced to a group of people over the phone that are also in search of a church. This trip was a difficult trip for me but it was an important one. I see clearly now that my family needs to be in Nice, preaching the Gospel. I am still praying for clarity on what exactly God wants me to do. It is not easy to leave home and start over in a different country. Please pray that God would give my wife and I wisdom and clarity in this move. Please keep me in your prayers for my hearing loss. I thank everyone who contributes to our ministry of starting new churches in Europe, financially or prayerfully. May God bless all of you.

Ministry in Europe – Gennadiy Gavrilov


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