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Thai – Patan

10 August, 2017 Thailand, Anita & San, Causes, Thailand
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Before the name of Jesus every knee of the heavens, earthly and inferno bowed … Phil 2:10

This month was very fruitful and active. Thank you very much for your prayers. More than thirty children visited the summer camp daily. They listened very attentively to the biblical stories of creation, the bible, Jesus, His miracles and death on the cross. Many of them have never heard them before. When we were talking about the resurrection we heard a loud “wow” from one of the girls. She liked Jesus from hearing the stories and became sad when she learned about his dead on the cross, but his resurrection was something she didn’t expect.

Every day we asked the children to share the stories about Christ with their loved ones and friends. We are happy to see that some of them retold the Bible stories to people in the village. One of the girls told 15 neighbors about Jesus in one evening. May God bless them so that they would keep this habit. God also provided an excellent team of assistants. One young girl, her name is Ing, was always ready to fill in any positions were helpers were missing. I heard the children singing in the morning while they were preparing for the day. Ing was learning new songs while they were getting ready and they tried to sing in all local languages they knew. This is the answer to our prayers, that God will provide for future leaders of the service. He is wonderful and merciful.

This Sunday we experienced a great blessing. More the 10 children form the neighboring tribe came to the Sunday service. They used to come to church to play but now they glorify God with us and pray. Those two tribes don’t have a peaceful history between each other but in Christ we experience unity and Gods unconditional love. God also provided school uniforms for our children through a local non-Christian organization, which once again shows that God is involved.

Thank you very much for your financial support, part of the support goes to our baking ministry. We saw that a small birthday cake brings a lot of joy to the child and the opportunity to build good relationships with the families of our kids. Also, while children have a summer vacation, they still spend almost all day in church, and are very happy about the attention.

Our prayer needs:

  1. We are starting a new academic year, and we need a lot of people who can teach English and other skills to the children.
  2. Please continue to pray for future ministers in our Church. One 14 year old boy, spent all summer with us, during camp and every Sunday and every church event. Since he lives in another area, it is not so often with us. Pray for him (Vee) so that the Word of God will be fruitful in his life, and he could make a personal decision to follow Christ.
  3. In July we expect our first-born. Please pray for our family!
  4. Also in July we are waiting for a group of young people from the USA organize a camp in various schools of Tai Pathan! Please pray for God’s guidance!

Ministry in Thailand – San and Anita


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