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The need of churches in Vietnam

28 August, 2017 Vietnam, Causes, Vietnam
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He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD, and he will repay him for his goodness. – Prov. 19:17

I greet you workers of Jesus Christ. This is the third letter we are writing about the advancement of the Gospel of God in South east of Asia and the fulfilling of the Great Commission. On May 9, we arrived at the Cam Ranh Airport, where warm rain was falling at 6 am. Our Vietnamese brother Sean picked us up. Before we arrived, our brothers received addresses from the Khanh Hoa Province administration with low-income families that we will be providing with food and blessings too. In one district, we received 30 addresses. We bought the food in advance and invited those families to one of the evangelical Churches in Nha Trang.

At 8 am, those families came to receive help. Each gift contained 5kg of noodles, 10 kg rice, 2 liters of vegetable oil, 1 kg fish sauce, 1kg sugar, 1kg seasonings and 1kg of national spices. We added brochures and in some of them bibles, and said that this if from Jesus. The persons who received those gifts were moved to tears and very grateful.

In Nha Trang we were able to give the gifts by ourselves but when we went to the Dak Lak Province, which is on the border to Cambodia, we as foreigner were not allowed to do it, so our brother from Vietnam did it for us. We were able to bless 25 families there and our work was to preach about the grace of the Gospel. On our mission trip, we met families with homes without a floor, beds or bed sheets. They live very poorly.

We met Russian speaking people who live there. There is not a single church who provide Russian services and we saw that those people are very much in need of the Lord. Now we are praying for them too so that they can be reached because the Lord says: “…My house will be called the house of prayer for all nations.” Isaiah 56:7

One of the goals of this mission trip was to determine the place where we will reside and minister. For now, we found a place to stay in Nha Trang in a local hotel, a place with 140 square feet. We will need a total of $780 monthly to live and minister in this country. It contains $180 for lodging, $200 for food, $250 travel costs and $150 for printed products (printer, paper, ink) and evangelism (relationship development)

We are in need of prayers and financial help to collect those donations. With your participation, we will be able to convert souls in the communist Vietnam.

We believe that the Lords calls us to be missionaries in Vietnam and he will take care of all our needs.

Ministry in Vietnam

Alexander Kulpin


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