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Update on Avoda

13 February, 2017 Thailand, Avoda, Thailand
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Dear friends, It’s unbelievable, but it’s already been almost 7 months of my ministry in Thailand. I have to confess, that I love it here! I’m very grateful to the Lord for His blessings and guidance, and I’m overwhelmed by how amazing God has planned everything. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave everything behind and move to a new country with a different language and culture, but God revealed His will, and I’ve never regretted being obedient to Him, I didn’t know that it’s possible to have so much joy and peace in my heart! So if God is calling you to fulfill the purpose He created you for, let nothing stop you. Trust Him and you will taste and see that the Lord is good! Also I didn’t know it would be that hard… I wish I learned more about the culture and the language, I wish I was more prepared for the battle, the battle against the powers of the darkness and the battle with myself, the battle for my faith and the precious souls of the people around me. All of this though taught me not to give up, to lift my eyes to the sky when I was about to lose heart.


God didn’t promise an easy way, but He promised that with Him all things would be possible. This New Year started with the night of prayer and worship. The students prepared 7 prayer stations, where we could worship the Lord, thank Him for His mercies last year and ask for the blessings for the year to come; we prayed for the persecuted and unreached; for our projects, old and new, and all the people who support our ministry in any way. I thank God for our teenage students! They are on fire for the Lord and worship Him in every area of their life, including studying, farming or ministry. This week the students were presenting their goals for the upcoming year and now we pray that God will equip them and meet all the needs for its successful implementation. Our teen boys started sports ministry with the boys in the village to not only train them in soccer, but also to “train them in the way they should go. Our teen girls are planning the baking ministry to teach the village girls how to bake and provide for themselves, we want to do it on Sunday between church services to invite them to stay for the service as well. We really wanted to start the hospital and prison ministry, we have enough people, but unfortunately our resources (transportation mainly) are limited, we are praying hard to get a van soon to expand our ministry, because we have many workers and the need is great!

I also wanted to share an amazing testimony. Now I teach English to teachers at our local village school. During Christmas season I made a cultural exchange lesson. I was planning to tell a Christmas story and its meaning on Tuesday, but when I came for a lesson on Monday, none of my Powerpoint presentations worked, except for the one with pictures of the story of Jesus’s birth. On that day the classroom was full, everyone came, even those who rarely attended before. I’m very grateful to God for this miracle, because if I’d do my lessons as I planned, the next day only half of the people would hear the real Christmas story, since many didn’t come on Tuesday. God knew everything in advance and arranged it the way that everyone would hear the real reason for the season! May to Him be the glory! After that the teachers took me on the trip to the famous dam, and on the way one of the teachers confessed that she really liked Christians and one day she would like to become one, but for now there was a big opposition from her family. Please pray for teacher Da and all the other teachers, that God would work in their life and bring them to salvation! I wanted to thank you again for your prayers, they have a great power! Also I’m grateful for your support, through that you take part in the work that God is doing in this nation.

May the Lord bless you richly!

In His service, Tanya



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