Vova on the way to St. Petersburg

08 August, 2017 Russia, Causes, Omsk, Russia
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… the punishment of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we were healed!” Isaiah 53:5

I want to greet you and tell you a huge thank you from Vova and his mother Svetlana to everybody who participated in his fate. On April 11th I accompanied him on his way to St Petersburg for his bone marrow transplant. God send donations from Germany and Vova will be most likely ready for the surgery. The fact that he is alive is thanks to the grace of God and your prayers. Even the doctors say that there is God involved. Vova has a very rare form of cancer. A long adaption is necessary after the surgery and we need your participation. Svetlana rents an apartment in St Petersburg and spends the whole day in the hospital.

Vova himself is very positive and was a will to live and knows who is depending on. Thank you to everybody who is involved in his salvation. Thank God.

I also want to share our new counseling ministry “Bridge” which is now working for several month in Omsk. Here we counsel non-church goers. We prepare young couples with premarital counseling and take part in restoration of destroyed marriages. It is surprising to see that non-believers contact us.

The other day, our bothers from Dagestan asked us to work with a young man who wanted to commit suicide. God made a miracle and he is asking now questions about repentance and how to live his life.

We are glad for the development of this ministry and we thank all those who share this vision and help us! God bless you!

Ministry in Omsk – Sasha Melnikov


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