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We will Serve the Lord

07 July, 2017 USA, Causes, USA
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3372 Yarrow Court“But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD” Joshua 24:15
Aleksey, Lydia, and their nine children are thankful to God for this privilege– being a part of the “New Fields Mission” and working with their Christian brothers and sisters. Aleksey was born in Moldova and was raised in a Christian family. When he was 11 years old, they moved to Estonia, where he was baptized at 15 years. There he was a teen and youth leader while directing a children’s music band. When he was 21, he and his parents moved to America. Lydia was raised in Russia. She got baptized when she was 17. She took part in children’s ministry and music ministry at church. She and Aleksey met in America and got married in 2000.
 In the year of 2000, Aleksey was ordained to be a pastor. They spent the next 8 years in Chicago, ministering to the churches of Chicago. In 2008, they and their 6 children moved to Wisconsin and became members of an American Baptist church (Calvary Baptist Church), which became like a family for them. Then three more girls were born. Aleksey and Lydia constantly prayed that they would do more for Christ, using the talents that God gave them. In 2014 their two oldest girls got baptized. That year God showed them the ministry path that they needed to take.

The ministry of their family (Savchenko Family Ministry) consists of
1. Visiting churches (both Russian and American) with an evangelistic program (sermons, singing, testimonies, and seminars).
2. Russian YouTube channel, where they show by their life – what Christian family is, trying to be a Godly example to others. Communicating with many people, talking about God and salvation, about life questions: family, children, finances.
3. Recording Christian songs and allowing people to download them for free, bringing joy and God’s peace to the hearts of many.
Over 20 years Aleksey is a truck driver and he will continue to work as a truck driver and fit ministry in his schedule. But the dream of the family to do ministry full time. Years go SO fast, children are growing and the family would like to do the ministry all together while its possible. Thanks God for their friends, their prayers and financial support.

Savchenko family (Savchenko Family Ministry)




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