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“Word of Truth” Church

31 December, 2015 Russia, Causes, Russia, Word of Truth Church
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God continues saving people through the hard work of the Church of “Word of Truth”. This Christmas season, we want to share the blessings that our church receives. Our church community will soon celebrate 4 years of existence. It began by two families, consisting of 4 people. We had no one else to help us so we did everything ourselves, including evangelizing, counseling, discipleship and other social projects. We had no where to gather for church services but our own homes were always open for church services and people that searched for God. In time, our spiritual family grew. Eleven people were baptized. As of now, there are 21 members, and about 40 people attend our services. We formed a group of brethren, consisting of 7 men who are each assigned a responsibility within the church. For about two years now we have been hosting church services at a local church, a tiny little building on a property where a bigger church is being built for us.


This year we had great advancement in our building. We are finishing the upstairs where the kitchen and bathrooms will be located. Our church’s main goal is to provide help to those addicted to drugs and alcohol and also to support their families. Besides that, we focus on children; 10-18 children attend our Sunday school classes. These kids are not only the children of our brothers and sisters, we welcome everyone, our neighbors, classmates and relatives.

It is sad to see some of the children not have the elementary care of loved ones. A 9 year old Sasha has to live with her grandma because her mother was arrested and sentenced to 3 years in prison for drugs. One of our other students, Kiril, is only 6 but regardless of his young age, when he was gifted a bible, took it very seriously. A couple moths ago he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and is now hospitalized, and alone. His mother who lives on the other side of town could only visit him once due to having a young baby on her arms. We had to help go see her son. We are looking for financial assistance so that we can provide help to these children. Through helping them we hope to show them the love of Jesus.

Today, with the whole church congregation we are preparing for the Christmas holiday; sharing responsibilities, gathering finances for Christmas gifts for the children, and praying for a possibility to visit Kiril in the hospital again. Praise God and thanks to the staff at New Fields Ministries and to all who contributes to “New Fields” for helping us grow our congregation. May God bless you all. (2nd Corinthians 9:8-9).

Word of Truth Church Ministry – Yevgeniy Kurbin


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