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The River of Life ...

Within each of us flows the river of life. Contained in the body of an adult are 5-6 liters of blood that by numerous channels bring nutrients to the cells and remove waste.

It takes only 23 seconds for the blood to circle our body. A small loss of blood is permissible, a 30% loss is dangerous, and a 50% loss is deadly.

If a slightest malfunction in the circulatory system should happen, our life may fade away. In fact, each of the many trillions of cells in the human body are subject to the power of blood.

It is not an accident that the word “blood” is used more than 250 times in the New Testament, three times more often than the word “cross”, and five times more often than the word “death”. God continually reminds people of the sacrifice of Christ, who suffered for us.
The poison of sin, inherited from Adam, and passed on to each living person on earth, carries a death sentence. Here is the main problem of humanity – a sinful and deadly blood poisoning!

On the contrary, through forgiveness by the power of the blood of Jesus, God gives hope and eternal life to all those who believe in Him. “This is my blood of the covenant, poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins,” - said the Savior (Matthew 26:28). Blood is not only a sign of purification, but also a symbol of life!

Did you make this important decision, dear reader? After all, there is no other way to salvation!

Dmitry Mardas, Doctor of Philosophy in Human and Animal Physiology
Institute of Physiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk

Dmitry Mardas

I am grateful and happy that another employee of our institute has repented

The sower and the reaper may be glad together. John 4:36
I would like to share with you, dear brothers and sisters, the testimony of an employee of the Institute of Physiology and National Academy of Sciences in Belarus, Natalia, who has recently come to believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She expresses this in a letter to God.

Dear Father! To write to you the story of my love is probably pointless, since you know everything. The talents that you gave me in bounty, I “buried”. I’ve always felt that you exist, but never took the time to think about you.

By the age of thirty I could be called a woman who lost the meaning of life. I did not understand that the smooth flow of my life, without upheavals and irreparable misfortunes is Your doing. I prayed only during the most terrible moments of my life; when my sister’s husband died, when my own husband was seriously ill, and when my daughter had problems. But I did it not expecting to hear from you, but rather to drown out the fear in my heart.

Only now do I realize that You have so gently guided me through life and guarded from adversity. You have been the closest person on earth to me.

You probably thought that your blind, deaf and uncomprehending daughter needed a guide who would show her the way to you. You introduced me to Dmitry, in whom I saw a genuine love for you, and a genuine faith that has shaken all of my ideas about life and Christianity. Watching the life and ministry of Dmitry, I saw You. I realized that you exist, and that you are even more beautiful than all of my preconceived notions about you.

You’re perfect! Your love lives in my soul and fills my heart with a desire to live for You and serve You, and offers hope for eternal happiness. Thank You, Father, for Your caring, Your tenderness, Your compassion and Your understanding.
Your amazed and very happy daughter.

Now Natasha is studying in a Bible school by correspondence, her relationship with the Lord has became more intimate and trusting. Thank God that He works in our lives and brings people to the path of following Him, changing their lives, giving hope and a future.

Alloy me to share about another employee at our institute who came to know Christ. One day, during our lunch break we were praying with Natalia in the lunch room, when another scientist, Raisa entered the room. We asked if we could pray for her as well since there were problems with the pregnancy of her daughter.

Going to our knees together, the three of us prayed. In her prayer, Raisa asked God for forgiveness, saying she is a sinner, and asked for His mercy on her family, her children and grandchildren. We rejoiced over that since it came so unexpectedly!
Raisa told us that her daughter was hospitalized.

For several years she had problems becoming pregnant and carrying  a child to full term, which resulted in several miscarriages. A few days after we prayed together, her daughter improved, her condition stabilized after a week, and most recently she delivered a healthy boy, whom they named Michael!

Sometimes we cannot even imagine how God will act, but He calls us to continue to trust Him no matter what and to share the gospel, spreading the Word of God.

Dmitry Mardas - Minsk, Academy of Sciences

Belarus - Church of “Salvation”

Our ministry began with 30 adults, most of them elderly...

Our ministry began with 30 adults, most of them elderly, with just a few young people. Today, our services are regularly visited by 120-150 adults, of which 80-120 are young people and 70-80 children. Our main ministries at this time are:

• Children’s Sunday school with 4 groups for children from 3 to 14 years with 7 teachers. From July 15th to 24th we held a camp for children and adolescents. 79 children have been to our camp this year, 40 of them preteens and 39 teenagers. We had 15 volunteer workers and 4 kitchen workers.

• Our youth ministry is holding monthly gatherings called «Discovery», that are visited by up to 120 young people who are interested in socializing,  knowledge of God, and information on God’s views on current issues. In addition to these meetings we hold “Youth Weekends”. In January 2011 a group of 47 young people spend a wonderful weekend of fellowship, growing in the knowledge of God, development of friendships and games. All are looking forward to summer a summer weekend camp.

• Our church is divided into eight home groups. In the near future we plan to add three new groups. We have trained leaders and assistants for each of those groups. During their gatherings they study the Bible in an informal setting and socialize. As a result 8 people have come to know Christ.

• We have a women’s ministry with events every two months where women of different ages and stages of life come together to exchange experiences and knowledge. They also visit a local orphanage for handicapped children on a weekly basis.

• We hold weekly thematic services: for parents, children, young families, and new believers where they ask questions, learn the basic principles of faith and become acquainted with the Bible.

• The church has a fitness center and holds classes five times a week for different age groups that begin with prayer and Bible study!

• We rent public school gyms on a regular basis and hold tournaments in volleyball and soccer between our church and the school’s teams. Our government opposes evangelism but encouraged the implementation of health programs. It is not easy to evangelize in our country, but five people have been baptized during the last year. Several more people are getting ready for baptism; all of them come from unbelieving families.

• We visit small churches and groups near Minsk on a regular basis.

• Once a month, the church holds a “Family evening” for our own and unbelieving couples.
Please pray for our growth!

1. Pray for the development of a student ministry (conduct of various activities to attract young people to the church, such as: sports, festivals, discussion evenings, theatrical performances, camps, student café and library.)

2. Pray for a building to establish a Center for Adaptation for alumni’s of orphanages, which have social problems and are in need of help to integrate into society in order to successfully live independently.

3. Pray for a church buildings for our growing church.

Please pray, that God will give us wisdom how to best testify about Him!

Nikolai Sinkovec - Pastor of the church «Salvation»

Christ commanded us to preach the gospel of the kingdom to all people...

God in the 21st century is opening up many ways to share Christ. God has granted me the opportunity to represent Him to the Academy of Science teachers.

One day I met Lydia Vasil who says that she is a believer though she does not attend church. When I asked her why she believes in God, she said that her grandmother was a Baptist and a very good person. Lydia and I had many conversations about God. After several weeks of conversation, Lydia brought her mother Maria to meet me.

Maria is also a believer but does not attend church. She played her guitar and sang several songs that she remembered from her youth. I invited Lydia and Maria and they responded. When Maria talked with the pastor, she burst into tears and stated her desire to again attend church. She became a member at Calvary a local church in Minsk.

Not long after that, Maria died. I rejoice that I had the opportunity to minister to Maria and she died as a member of the community of Christ. Lydia her daughter has begun to come to church sporadically and I continue to share Christ with her. Thank God that wherever He places us, weather at work or play we have the opportunity to share Him. Continue to pray for Lydia that she will become more grounded in Christ.

Dmitry Mardas - scientists at the Academy of Science of Belarus

Income of $80

Dimity Mardas is a sincere and cheerful Christian. He is a small group leader and preaches the Good News...

Dimity Mardas has one of the best collections of citrus plants in Europe.

Dimity is dedicated to preach the Good News to everybody...

I came to know Christ as Lord and personal Savior in 1996. Since 1997, I was serving as a preacher, deacon and pastor in the city of Zaslavle, Minsk region, as well as a leader of a small prayer group.

I would preach 3 times a week as well as attend graduate school at the Institute of Physiology, National Academy of Science in Belarus.
I was invited by the Evangelical Union of Christian Baptists to participate in the evangelical run “Belarus for Christ” as a preacher.
I have also served in Christian youth camps as a spiritual worker, preacher and evangelist.

I am also serving at the Institute of Physiology in Belarus by providing lectures for students and evangelical concerts for colleagues as well as passing out spiritual literature.

In 2007, I was invited by the “Salvation” church in Minsk to serve as a preacher, small group leader, as well as teach Bible to new people and prepare those who are interested in being baptized.
I do not have a regular financial income, transportation or my own place to live. My income from the Institute of Science, where I work as a researcher comes up to approximately $80 a month.

Since I spend the majority of my time serving in various churches, I have not been able to earn additional income for over 10 years.
I have been blessed to continue my hobby by growing citrus plants. I am the owner of the biggest private collection in the country, and one of the best collections in Europe.

Through this hobby, I was invited to television and radio shows many times. Journals and newspapers printed my articles about the diverse and magnificent world of citrus plants.

It is difficult to spread the Word publicly and preach openly in our communist country, especially for evangelical believers. However, through mass information the message still comes through.

A widely published newspaper of Belarus, wrote about my collection circulating more than 400,000 copies.

In my work, I am guided by quotes of Oswald Chambers and William Carey: “all that I can do for His Glory, is to give my ultimate to the Lord,” and “Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God.”

Praise God, that this ministry has brought forth spiritual fruit, many people became believers, repented and got baptized. Some began to study in Bible colleges and seminaries.

The small group grew more than four times within these two years, bringing in 6 new leaders. We praise our God and Savior!

I would like to ask you dear brothers and sisters to help me in any way you can, so that our Savior Jesus Christ will be glorified through this ministry.
May the Lord richly bless you!

Dimity Mardas - member of the Academy of Sciences in Minsk

Academy of science...

It is a mercy of God for our country to be able to witness to leading scientists of Belarus

Concert of Christian music dedicated to the “Day of Victory”

I am still working at the Institute of Physiology. Finally, the Lord opened the doors to unrestricted evangelism, and this, in our country, it is like a miracle!
Staff members are consulting me on spiritual matters now, they listen, ask what literature to read, and ask me to pray for them and for their loved ones and some even attended the church services.

Even Christian magazines can be placed in the Institutes library today and people enjoy reading them and some employees have accepted Jesus. I had the blessing to testify to the people who have since died, as from staff members of the Institute as well as to their relatives.
In May, a concert was held dedicated to the Victory Day and Easter - the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ over death and hell! Here are the comments that the ones present had to share:

“I was lucky enough to visit the concert. Song performers were very talented, the extraordinary leader with a good sense of humor made this a real celebration for everyone present.

I wanted to sing, smile and enjoy life. I express my deep gratitude to the Christian creative team for their professionalism.”(Scientist Komarovskaya)
”Christians created a relaxed atmosphere in which all felt comfortable and at ease. Thank you!” (Head of Personnel, Abmetko O.A.)

“People are starting to understand each other better and are more attentive to developments in the world. When they meet with others they become spiritually enriched and open to communication.

Such a meeting took place at the Institute of Physiology of Belarus with a musical group from the church “Salvation” that visited to congratulate the staff of the Institute with Easter and the Day of Victory!

“Every person is supposed to be just like them: highly spiritual! This meeting has shown us an example! (From the Directorate of the Institute of Physiology NAS of Belarus, Deputy Director for Science, Professor VA Kulchitsky).

Several staff members in the photograph have since died, and who knows, maybe in their last hours of life, they prayed to the Lord. Is it a great mercy of God for our country to be able to openly witness about God to people of science?

Dmitry Mardas - Scientist at the Academy of Science

Dmitriy Mardas in Minsk

Dmitriy Mardas (left) works in the Academy of Science in Minsk - Belarus.
Beside the ministry in the church Dmitriy leads several Bible study groups.
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. (Ps. 119:105)
Dmitriy and Igor

For several years I lived in a dorm in Minsk. People living there mainly represented employees of the Academy of Sciences. They are highly trained and educated people. I got acquainted with a computer science engineer who worked for some time abroad, where he attempted to record the signals of the human brain to a computer.

It turns out that Igor has participated in chat forums on the Internet, and as I later realized, he tried to shake the faith by people who just came to believe in Christ. First I talked with him quite a lot. I was often praying for him, counting on the fact that he might simply be misled. After a while I realized that this man is not seeking the truth, or at least is under extreme deception.

About a month later he stopped communicating with me, and began to correspond, throwing letters into my mailbox, and asked me to respond in the same way.

Once his letter hurt me, in it he tried to say that I was allegedly mistaken, not up to date, and understood nothing of spirituality. I sent him an answer and began, along with my friends, to earnestly pray for this man, that he repented. Some time later Igor stopped writing me.

But suddenly something happened. We met with him on the street, greeted each other having a casual conversation. However in a couple of days late in the evening, he came to me and begged me to pray for him to my God, supposedly he got himself into some big problems and it could have a very bad outcome.

He proceeded to ask me questions relating to the Christian life, and recently brought an article on spiritual health, as the basis for our physical well-being. He intended to published the article in the press, asking that I express my opinion on this topic ...

God said: “my word that goes out from my mouth, will not return to me empty, but accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” The Lord is faithful, glory be to Him! Let this story encourage each one of us to continue to sow the Word, pray, do our part trying to reach people with the Good News.

Everything that we can not do, God can! Rom.12 :11-12!

Dmitry Mardas

Dmitry Mardas has been a member of the church "Salvation" in Minsk - Belarus for the last 10 years.He was serving as preacher in Zaslavl and in two churches in Minsk - "Golgotha" and "Bethlehem". He was responsible for the adult Sunday school class; bible lessons; prayer meetings and youth groups.

He is also involved in sport activities of the church and working with university teachers. Dmitry is one of the project participants of "Belarus for Christ". We would like to publish his letter addressed to "New Fields" in order to introduce him to our supporters and prayer warriors.

"At this time I am a research worker at the university of physiology at the national science academy of Belarus. Eight years ego I started my post graduate studies. I also continue the preparation of my doctorate thesis in the area of physiology. Over 20 scientific works are written in this time and several conferences invited me as a speaker. The atheistic supervisors were trying to use me as a workhorce, manipulating and cheating me knowing that as a Christian I will do my job in good faith. They burdened me with many responsibilities and the Lord only knows how hard it has been. I became physically ill, my hair became gray and the immune system stopped functioning properly. I got 3-4 hours of sleep a day.

Access to the university computers was limited. The printer was locked up every evening so that I was unable to print my works on it. The small salary I received ($130 a month) did not allow me to buy a personal laptop, in order to be more effective in my studies and in serving the Lord.

Beside this God gave me the strength to be involved in teaching Sunday school and a preaching ministry in several local churches. A big joy were the prayer meetings with the youth group and the sermon preparations. In the evangelistic campaign "Belarus for Christ" we drove in cars from village to village preaching the good news of salvation in Jesus!

God has blessed me with the biggest collection of citrus plants in the country. I was also given air time at the national radio and TV stations where I could share about these wonderful plants God has made. We were talking of God, science, creation, salvation and the Bible as the most important historical document known to people.

Many of the scientific works were published in national and regional magazines and newspapers. Through it thousands have been able to read about God's creation. Belarus is a communist country, a former republic of the USSR and it is not always easy to proclaim openly what we believe. This is why God put on my heart to use any opportunity to defend the message of the Bible through scientific research.

Got has thought me to be available for those in need and put others before my own agenda and plans. To continue the ministry among scientists and university teachers I really need your prayers and financial support.

I need His grace and guidance to expand the ongoing ministry of witnessing. To serve God wholeheartedly and to minister to people with the gifts He has bestowed upon me is my sincere desire. May God bless you and your families for the input you have made to proclaim the Gospel of Christ! Together we can achieve much more and spread the message in the scientific community of Belarus. United in prayer and love and with all the best wishes!"

Dmitry Mardas - Minsk