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Second Annual Training in Kansas City

From the 25th to the 28th of September there was an intensive training seminar with the theme of “Care for the emotionally damaged heart”.

Intensive counseling is not well known, and is very rarely practiced in our churches. Many people are hurt by sin, and can’t find help. They break their lives and the lives of those closest to them. Care for the heart of an emotionally crippled person, understand their state, and in prayer help the person fix the pain, was the goal of this training. Here are some reviews:

“The seminar deeply touched my heart. At one moment my heart was breaking from pain for peoples’ lives, and at the same time it was filled with joy because God works with damaged hearts and heals emotional traumas.” Nadezhda Pyshineva

“I praise and thank God for bringing me to this conference where I received answers for many questions in my life.” Ilya Govorov

“The Lord reminded me about how He cares for me through the Bible, and that prompted me to care for the heart of my husband, my children, and the people surrounding me according to the example of Jesus Christ.” Marina Rak

“This seminar is the road to a healthy family, a healthy community, and a joyful heart.” Inna Chernysh

“This course shows how our actions connect with our worries and past conflicts. We also saw how our actions towards our children formulate their character for the rest of their lives.” Dmitry and Natalia Shuller

“The Lord once again showed me how uniquely these lessons work. It’s a war when the devil tries to destroy our hearts and break our families apart.” Inna K

“The practice of the counseling model “Open Heart”, along with the healing power of Jesus Christ, solves root problems of the heart that make for stumbling blocks in relationships. Praise the Lord.” Luba Martynov

“I will probably need time to realize and understand what was happening to me at the seminar. The tears, happiness, hope, confusion, happiness and pain again, and incredible pain… God worked with my heart, my thoughts… For me, this seminar won’t be without aftermath. I acquired new experience in dealing with very hurt people. Thank you very much for doing this. Praise our Lord for wanting to heal our wounds, for wanting to release us of our sins. I’m going to study the model more and am going to help people! God Bless you and your work!” Natasha Middelton

“We didn’t understand each other; I was angry with my husband, and he was angry with me. Our family has many problems, we probably could write a book about them. The last night was what we heard about all seminar long. We opened up to each other and asked for forgiveness. God started work in our hearts! We have faith that with Christ everything is possible! Thank you.”  Roman and Anna Muzichenko

God does not have dead ends!

From February 14 to 17 2013 an intensive training seminar in counseling took place in Kansas City...

More than 50 participants from different states came to take part in a training seminar on counseling in Kansas City. The seminar took place in comfortable camp cabins. From 7:30 in the morning until late at night the training went on with visual aids and practical exercises. At the end of each evening many families stayed, some until the morning, to solve their personal problems.

The fellowship was warm and friendly and we all felt the presence of God. The Spirit of God worked gently opening the secret corners of our hearts. Many of the participants testified to resolutions of their problems. Those sincere and simple examples did not leave any who were present indifferent. Everyone was eager to thank God for His sensitivity to the human pain.

Here are some comments about the seminar from the participants:

Everything in our family was broken and there was no hope and no desire to restore the ruins! On the third day of consultations, night became day, darkness turned to light. We are affirming - Is there anything too hard for the Lord?

Yuri and Nadia Tabakov - Minneapolis.

Today, when so many individuals and families in our churches are wounded by sin, this training is very important and necessary.

Victor and Olga Avdeev - Everett.

Very grateful for such a valuable ministry and accessible understanding of important truths in family life. Keep doing  your blessed work of winning families back from the hands of devil. We thank you, we bless you, continue on.

With love Ivan and Tatiana Muzychenko - Denver.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your spiritual work in His field, especially for the counseling provided to us. Olga and Paul Fisenko - Vancouver.

This is truly a miracle of God in my life. Having experienced this I want to help other people, I want to shout that there is deliverance and we are not doomed!

Lily P.

After the seminar I want to serve God, love my husband and enjoy my children!

Luba – Sacramento

I know and hear the voice of the Lord. I feel a spiritual thirst and at the seminar I took a thirst-quenching sip.

Gala Hanova - Kansas City

The topic of forgiveness became very valuable to me and Christ’s payment for the sins of others.

Lily Zubkov - Atlanta

Once again we were able to test ourselves by looking into the dark corners of our hearts, finding things that donot please the Lord and interferes with our effort to be closer to each other. We have a wish to have a seminar like that at our church.

Victor and Luba Khomyakov - Denver.

Church “Grace of Christ”


The need for а counseling ministry in churches ...

The church “Grace of Christ” in Evansville, IN held two counseling seminars on January 14th and 15th and again on March 16-17 on the topic “10 reasons for a closed heart,” with Wilhelm Dick as the speaker.

As a church, we have noticed a huge problem that many churches share - the lack of adequate, educated, Christian counseling. Typically, a huge responsibility to counsel falls on the pastor or a group of ministers who either don’t have the time or, which may be even worse, don’t have the proper training to help those in  desperate need.

As a result, many lost, confused, wounded souls spend their Christian life going from Sunday service to Sunday service for years and sometimes decades. They are laden and burdened by grievances, bitterness, rebellion, un-forgiveness and all kinds of viruses and parasites, all this time while pretending that their Christian walk is full of victories. Especially in recent days, the devil has created so many new traps that confuse the modern Christians, and because of this our pastors and ministers as well as parents, should be prepared to destroy the works of the devil and to win souls for Christ.

Taking care of souls is a very difficult task. It is impossible to succeed without an education and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This counseling seminar was a huge blessing to our church. I, as pastor, thank God that after listening to both parts of this seminar we approached our problems in this field with a more serious attitude.

Even more invaluable, that some people in our congregation have the gift within themselves, and a calling to counsel. After listening to the material presented to us, they have agreed to devote their lives to this important ministry. May God bless them in this ministry.

I urge every pastor and minister to properly respond to the lack of counseling in churches and to give thought to the idea of Christian counseling. The Word of God warns us: “For lack of counsel a nation falls,” and “Woe to you shepherds of Israel who only take care of yourselves! Should not shepherds take care of the flock? You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost.”

With love - Oleg Kuksenko

Family counselling seminar!

More than 150 people came to the seminar, to get an in depth training in counselling.
John Regier spoke for 4 days on practical counselling and how to resolve emotional issues...

May 5-8, 2011 a conference was held in Sacramento with counselor John Regier.

Families today are on the attack by Satan, and parents are often at a loss as what to do about their children. Pastors do not have the time to do extended counseling, and parents find themselves helpless against drugs, alcohol, and pornography, that vie for their children’s attention via the internet and television.

Parents often isolate themselves, and live in denial. They are embarrassed to share their real problems with friends and fellow church members. One pastor frankly confessed: “Many of us simply do not know how to effectively help people. “I have exhausted all my knowledge and experience. Help us! Our families are collapsing.”

We, at New Fields, believe that God wants to raise an army of pastoral counselors.
Please pray for this ministry!

Willi Dick - Vice President of New Fields Ministries Inc.

Confession of a “Righteous” Family

Paul and Helen Sedletskiy with kids and grand kids. Paul and Helen have worked with families for many years.
Words of Paul and Helen Sedletskiy penetrate deep into the heart of the reader!

“This is probably not for us” - I told my wife when I came upon a book with a long title: “Biblical Concepts in Counseling. A practical guide to identify and resolve problems in personal and family life”.

And really, what problems could we have - a Christian couple that has been married for 27 years, both of whom grew up in Christian households, raised seven children together, and devoted their lives to helping others resolve their family problems.

We still decided to find a few hours in the evening to get acquainted with this textbook - if only to get a few ideas for counseling other couples. We were curious – the title intrigued us!

The first chapter of the book: “Identifying and resolving problems in personal and family life”, we discussed in half an hour. Everything so far seemed correct, I wanted to write in the margin: “No heresy” (like the sappers wrote on cleared buildings after WWII: “No mines”).

Then we came to the list of possible personal problems. All this, of course, was not written for us. Generational sins? What do you mean, guys! After all, we are Baptists in the third generation, and grew up in families of ministers.

Immorality? Sinful habits? Occult activity? What, are you actually talking about? Well, maybe we have a little pride or hypocrisy, sometimes even negative thinking or temporal values but we are working on this! In our family there are practically no problems, only some instances that are “under construction”...
But after the first chapter, we started to thoroughly analyze every possible problem. We began to find in ourselves things that we did not suspect existed.

It turned out, that somewhere in the secret corners of our hearts we had concealed bitterness and resentment towards people who once hurt us. And how much pain did we cause each other in those long years of our marriage!
Of course, we already forgot about them (or pretended to have forgotten), but the memories of these wrongs appeared again with an aching pain in our hearts - as, perhaps, the old wounds of war veterans hurt when they are accidentally touched.

We realized that something had to be done. We needed to become free from the bitterness and get rid of the burden of unforgiveness. Our life should be: “forgetting what lies behind us and stretching forward” and not walking in circles around our old wounds and grudges like Israel walked around Sinai.
We sincerely turned to God in prayer and asked Him to give us strength and ability to forgive those who have caused us emotional pain and to give us complete freedom from bitterness and unforgiveness.

After that we began to explore another personal problem - temporal values, and, to our horror, found in our hearts huge piles of debris of earthly attachments to material things, that often were more important to us than our relationship with God and with each other.

So here again we offered teary prayers to God and asked Him to always be the head of our lives and our families so that temporary, earthly values never overshadow or replace the imperishable treasures of heaven.
And so chapter by chapter and problem by problem we moved on, correcting errors, releasing in prayers our many personal problems - rebellion, pride, hypocrisy, and negative thinking. We were honest with God and each other and found in ourselves even the problem of immoral behavior.

It showed itself in thoughts that were not always pure, in lustful desires, in looks “with lust” at someone we should not have watched. After a prayer the Lord destroyed this stronghold through which the devil has caused great damage to our marriage.

We planned to spend only a couple of hours reading this book but stayed up until late at night. The next day we continued to explore the secret corners of our personal life and our marriage, step by step freeing the areas of the heart taken over by the enemy of human souls. Finally we came to the last chapter on achieving emotional intimacy in marriage. On this chapter we spent more time than on the eleven previous ones – we stayed up until dawn. We expressed to each other our most intimate thoughts, talked about each other’s resentments, feelings, needs and desires, wept together, confessed our love for each other and prayed.

For all the years of living together that night for us was perhaps the most important and memorable one – we experienced emotional closeness between ourselves and with God. We realized that the Lord gave us to each other to care for the heart of another, to always be honest, open and close to each other.

We wanted to continue to maintain that emotional closeness and protect our relationship from the attacks of the enemy, who wants to “steal, kill and destroy” the most precious thing God gave us – unity in Him.
Six months have passed since that memorable night. We saw a big change in our relationship, and although we still experience problems, we immediately confront rather than ignore them.

This closeness, mutual understanding and caring for the heart of another, we want to carry to the end of our lives. We want to continue to work on our relationship with the Lord, with sincere effort and Gods enablement. Seeing our sincere efforts the Lord blesses our marriage more and more.
Buy giving other people biblical advice, sharing personal experiences and praying with them, we give each family hope: our Lord is a living God. He can and He wants to heal hearts of past injuries.

He wishes to give spouses the power and ability to forgive each other and have an open heart, to be emotionally and spiritually close. After all, God designed a marriage as the union of two truly loving and open hearts.

Friends, seek this close intimacy and unity, this married bliss! It can come into every family that is willing to work on their relationship and trust God for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Paul / Helen Sedletskiy www.baptistomsk.ru

Walls in relationships

Emotional walls can be broken down if both partners agree to repent of everything they know and allow God to cleanse their hearts!

“If we walk in the light as He is in the light we have fellowship with one another.”

“... your iniquities have separated you from your God“ Isaiah 59:2.

God is love! He created people out of love and for love. A human being cannot imagine a life without love. We all want to be loved; we also want to have someone to love.

Unfortunately, trying to find a way to the heart of another person, we often notice that it is tightly shut. People live behind walls shutting out even their closest friends.

The Word of God says: “If we walk in the light as He is in the light we have fellowship with one another.” If we do not have an open, trusting dialogue with someone we love there may be several reasons – an emotional scar, lack of

trust in others because of betrayal, or even sin.
We all experience emotional walls in relationships. They are difficult to explain or describe, but we feel their presence in a certain reserve in one or both spouses, in the presence of bitterness or pain in the heart.

Jesus said: “out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander” Mat. 15:19. Thus we see, that all problems emanate from the heart and in turn, the resolution of those problems should also happen in the heart!

A wise man faces his problems and seeks for solutions in his own heart. It is the heart that needs a cleansing and renewal by the Holy Spirit.

Many counselors are trying to change a person’s external behavior. Just asking a person to do what is right will not have the desired result, because it does not affect the heart.

Until we recognize a problem in the recesses of a person’s heart and address it, the external symptoms will never disappear.

There are 10 key areas that Satan uses to defeat a believer. They are: bitterness, pride, rebellion, immorality, temporal values, generational sins, sinful habits, occult activity, hypocrisy, and negative thinking.

Living with those sins a person’s heart becomes closed and he/she becomes unable to see the needs of others. If God purifies our hearts they become open to love and our relationships will improve!

Vice President of New Fields Ministries - Willi Dick


International (russian) Counseling Center in Kansas City

In The fall of 2007 God has put into our hearts the desire to open an International Counseling Center in Kansas City. We want to provide quality pastoral counseling in several different languages including but not limited to English, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Korean. There are close to five million immigrants living in the US who came from the former USSR. Millions of immigrants from other different countries like Mexico, China and Korea...

Counseling seminar held on sept. 17-20 2009

Counseling will be provided free of charge by ministers who have a heart of compassion, believe in the authority of the Bible, adhere to New Fields Statement of Faith and go through the necessary training preparation at New Fields or Caring For The Heart offices. Our goal at New Fields is to help immigrants who are in troubled relationships to come to freedom in Jesus Christ. We acknowledge our total dependence upon God and would prayerfully ask Him to bless this beginning. If you feel led by God to support this project in Kansas City please write a check to "New Fields" with the memo "Counseling Center"! You may also contribute securely online. May God reward your giving according to His grace and riches. Needs to pray for:

  • International pastors interested in this ministry
  • A suitable building for the office
  • Sponsor churches, organizations and individuals
  • Gods guidance and wisdom