South Sudan – Feeding the poor

Beginning of February 2017, we visited Pastors Edward Dima home town in South Sudan. Because of the ongoing war, thousands of people have fled to neighboring Uganda. Usually the market places are very busy, but now Kajo Keji is overwhelmingly empty. The first Baptist church of Kajo Keji is also locked, because all 300 members fled. The refugees live in simple tents or huts and rely on UNICEF for food. The ration is currently only 26 lb/month of corn and some beans per person. They are not allowed to keep livestock or farms. Several new churches were founded within the camps and the services are held under a tree. We would like to provide weekly meals for the churches; support the pastors and build a structure with a roof for the churches. Many people are starving to death. Please continue to pray for peace in South Sudan.

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South Sudan: First famine declared since 2011 – BBC News

One quarter of a million people in one refugee camp in northern Uganda! These refugees have fled their war-torn South Sudan homes, many of them with only the clothes on their back. They have started life over by building mud-brick huts with thatched roofs, and surviving on rice and beans provided by the United Nations. Their meager circumstances did not stifle their worship, as they gathered in a pole building covered with tarp which was almost blown away by a whirlwind while the several hundred of us crammed together in the flimsy tabernacle.

Youth Conference in Erie, Pennsylvania

Over 150 young men and women came from different states to hear the Word of God. Youth Fellowship gathered in Erie, Pennsylvania on August 14th, 2015 and lasted for a couple days. The theme of the camp was “How to Sustain a Pure Heart”. This topic has touched the hearts of many and gave many an opportunity to think deeply about their lives, and make a decision to come to God with reverent prayer of forgiveness. Below are some testimonies.

“God opened up spiritual life in detail. The way I look at sin has entirely changed. Maintaining a clean heart first of all comes from understanding that I can not keep my heart pure with my own strength. Only full brokenness and humbleness before God can help me achieve that. Want to keep your heart pure? Give it to God and listen to what the Holy Spirit tell you. And run away from sin. Thank you for this conference. I believe that the Word we heard has blessed many”. (Ilija Govorov)

“The most important thing in life is to sustain a pure heart, and that can only come from fellowship with Christ. My reaction to the people around me depends on what is in my heart. Now a days, in our busy schedules, our fellowship and relationship with Christ falls to minutes or even a few seconds a day. Thank you for explaining the necessity and importance of this fellowship and relationship with Christ at this conference.” (Stan Rak)

“What I understood from this conference is that I need to keep myself pure for my future bride. If I do that, I will be able to look into my wives’ eyes with out guilt and be clean before God”. (Dimitry Gaponov)

“God has shown me from a different perspective the consequences of sexual intimacy before marriage, and how lust can destroy my life. I now know how important it is to keep myself pure before marriage. I am glad we heard how devastating the sin of lust is, especially in our time.” (Stan Glotov)

“I will never forget the fellowship we had with the brothers in Erie. It is very important to keep my heart pure of sin, “Above all, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23. (Eugene Makarov)

“I understood that you can’t stop sin, it will keep growing and growing. It will destroy relationships in a family and most importantly with God. Consequences are inevitable for sin and you can’t run away from them. It is so much better to give your life to God before sin destroys your life. It is very important to have a close relationship with Christ, through prayer and reading the bible; only this way you can keep your heart pure.” (Fedor Shaligin)

“This is one of my favorite conferences where the Word of God is simply explained and the atmosphere of brothers and sisters is kind and peaceful. The theme of the conference was an answer to many of my prayers and questions. My view on sin has changed entirely. The Holy Spirit has taken on a new part in my life. Now it will be easier for me to identify where I am at in my relationship with God or if there is sin at my door. This kind of topic should be taught everywhere to young women and men, the sooner the better, so that together we can stop the devastation that sin brings into our lives. Thank you for this information and the love that you have shown to all of us.” (Inna)

New Fields Ministries,

Willi Dick

Fellowship of the Churches

Once a year, the union of Omsk churches invite everyone who want to fellowship together and celebrate the coming of Christ.

This year’s congress was themed, “The Revival”. Brothers and sisters from Omsk, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Kurganetsk and Yekaterinburg areas met to have fellowship with one another in the Holy Spirit. More than 1500 people attended the congress. The leading speakers were Sergey Sipko, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christian Baptists, President of New Fields Ministries, Willi Dick, and Bishop of Omsk Union, Joseph Makarenko. Wilhelm Daiker from Germany also attended for the first time, and preached on discipleship.

We saw the fruits of the Word already on the first day. On day two, we attended bible seminars where the speakers explained how to apply the Word practically in our daily lives. Third day was spent in studying the “Great Samaritan” proverb and partaking in communion. God taught us to practically love and reach out to the needs of others. Many people came to Christ for the first time in prayer. Here are some testimonies from the congress.

  • “This congress was about renewal of our minds, revival of our souls, strengthening our hearts, and being filled with the Holy Spirit. It was like the temper of grace that strengthens for the remainder of the year”. (Yevgeniy Borisov)
  • “This was my first time attending an event where my soul was celebrating”. (Roman A. Kuzmichev)
  • “Congress is like the coupling rod of fraternity”. (Sergey Lapin)
  • “Once again God has filled my heart with blessings. He reminded me to, “Love those who are in need; that is one of My commandments.” (Zhanna Azarenko)
  • “This coming together, single-mindness and unity of so many children of God under one roof is the power and glory of the Lord. I Saw Jesus in all of this”. (Denis Markishev).
  • “God continues to touch my heart through His word and through the visible love of my brothers and sisters. He reminded me to “lay my life down for others”. (Irina Kulpin)
  • “Congress was a unity of Gods people at His throne. I am thankful to Him for reviving us every moment of our lives.”(Sergey Zaretskiy).

For three days, we enjoyed a warm atmosphere of love. We thank God for hearing our prayers about this event, for those who came to Him and for those who were renewed in love and service to others.

Ministry in Omsk – Aleksandr Kulpin

 “Open Heart” Ministry

Family Counseling Seminars were held in Russia, Germany and USA this spring of 2015.
I hurry to share the joy of my renewed hope. Before my wife and I attended the first family counseling seminar, we thought our family and inner life would always be in darkness. We began to realize that we do not understand each other, that we do not have joy in being together and that we are not emotionally connected. We felt like clouds of sadness and hopelessness that came out of nowhere, hung over our lives for some time now.  What do we do? Where do we run to find help? After all, we know God, but our relationship felt so empty and dead. What do we do in this situation? All of these questions would be still haunting us today if it were not for the Open Heart Seminar and sacrificial service of our brother in Christ, Willi Dick to the people who want to be freed from that darkness that weakens relationships.READ MORE

Jacob Loewen from Germany

Peace be with you! My dear brother and fellow worker!
To your question how I start the day, I am answering. Since I am now retired, I get up relatively late, usually at 6:00 in the morning. Well, my wife, my angel, gets up before me. When I come down from the top floor, she meets me, and I bless her. It’s my first prayer aloud. “May the Lord give you a lot of energy for a new day, wisdom for the family, guests and the church. May your heart rejoice every time you see or meet any of us. God bless you, keep you, and give you health and strength. May your life be at least a little longer than my own… We bless each other every day.READ MORE