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Haiti,  a project in partnership with To All Nations (Germany)

Haiti - 2 years later...

No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him- 1. Cor. 2:9

Dear brothers and sisters who support the ministry in Haiti! Those of you who are familiar with the situation in Haiti and those who came to Haiti to help us, know what difficulties we have experienced having no transportation!

Buying food for the orphanage and our missionary work in the camps were complicated by the lack of transportation. We prayed and asked God to give us a reliable car, but prices were rising faster than the donations were coming in, and it seemed impossible to find a solution to this problem!

The daily prayers of children in the orphanage went like this: Lord Jesus, please give papa Eduard a car, so that we could all get around in it! In June 2012 our wishes became a reality.

God heard our prayers and from the donations of churches in Sacramento and Germany we could buy a truck for $25,000! When I came to the orphanage in Kenscoff in the truck for the first time there was no end to the joy of children!

At first, we all thanked God, and then with all the kids in the truck, we went on our first trip! God showed us, and especially the children, that He is faithful!

Today, children pray about another seemingly impossible problem: “Lord Jesus, please give us a big house with plenty of space so that other children who live in camps now could have it as good as we do!

I thank God for the opportunity to have so many friends in the Slavic churches and trust that you will hold us up in prayers for a new home!

God bless you for your prayers and support!

Missionary in Haiti - EDWARD Dyck

Ministry in Haiti...

Hundreds of thousands of people died during the earthquake in Haiti...

Many children in Haiti have been orphaned, homeless and without food...

"For I was hungry and you gave me to eat, thirsty, and you gave me to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me."

After the earthquake that struck Haiti, more than a million people were forced to live outside in tents. The conditions of these camps are catastrophic.All aspects of daily living such as food, drinking water, clothes, shoes, workforce, medical service, sanitary equipment are all in deficit.There are many children in these camps, who are forced to sleep outside or on a piece of cardboard.

These people have gone through terrible grief. Many people lost their whole property, family, houses, happiness and protection.
We welcome all children who are in need to our home. They feel protected and loved, receiving food, clothes, love and education.
Here, they are learning about God, who is a loving Father and a healing doctor. We, ourselves, are in need of urgent help.

Everything in Haiti is unbelievably expensive. The country’s industry and agriculture declined, the majority of goods are imported from different countries.
It is almost impossible to earn a fair wage. These people have a very low chance of rebuilding their life, especially without education, help and love.
If you feel that God is inspiring you to help out in this field financially, or even come out here and help us, we would be very thankful!

We are urgently looking for partners, married couples, or even young people to help in this ministry so that these children, who lost everything in this world, can receive love, education and hope.

If you are ready to become a missionary in Haiti, and spread the gospel along with us to these children please let us know. Should any questions arise, please call New Fields at (913) 649-9500.